Floor Cleaning

Round Mops

25mm metal socket/1.5m wooden handle.

Part no.SizeDescription
RMSS250gRound Mop Head with Socket – small
RMSM300gRound Mop Head with Socket – medium
RMSL400gRound Mop Head with Socket – large
RMCS250gRound Mop complete with Handle – small
RMCM300gRound Mop complete with Handle – medium
RMCL400gRound Mop complete with Handle – large

Fan Mop (American Mop)

Colour coded tape available on request.

Part no.SizeDescription
MFM250gMini Fan Mop Head/Refill
MFMWF250gMini Fan Mop Head/Refill – web foot
FM4400gFan Mop Head/Refill
FM4WF400gFan Mop Head/Refill – web foot
FM5500gFan Mop Head/Refill
FM5WF500gFan Mop Head/Refill – web foot

Fan Mop (American Mop) – Handle and Clamp

Part no.Description
WHMC1.5m Wooden Handle, metal clamp & wire clip
FMWCFan Mop Wire Clip only
AHPMHAluminium Handle & Plastic Mop Holder
WHPMHWooden Handle & Plastic Mop Holder
AMCWAmerican Mop Clamp & Wire Only
PCHMCPlastic Coated Handle & Metal Clamp
PMHPlastic Mop Holder Screw Type
AHMCAluminium Handle & Metal Clamp
PCH1.2Plastic Coated Handle 1.2
PCH1.5Plastic Coated Handle 1.5

Applicator Pad and Frame

For Floor Wax Application.

Part no.SizeDescription
AP3012” (30cm)Synthetic Lambswool Applicator Pad
AP4016” (40cm)Synthetic Lambswool Applicator Pad
APSS3012” (30cm)Pure Sheepskin Applicator Pad
APSS4016” (40cm)Pure Sheepskin Applicator Pad
APFP3012” (30cm)Applicator Frame 30cm – Plastic
APFP4016” (40cm)Applicator Frame 40cm – Plastic
APFM3012” (30cm)Applicator Frame 30cm – Metal
APFM4016” (40cm)Applicator Frame 40cm – Metal

Sweeper Mop – Refill

Part no.Description

Sweeper Mop – Frame

Steel Frame with Plastic Holder.

Part no.Description

Bonnet Mop

A double-sided, looped cotton, bonnet mop used for carpet cleaning.

Part no.Size

Floor Maintenance Pads

Micro fibre pads used for:-

  • Black – Stripping
  • Blue – Scrubbing
  • Red – Spray Buffing & Polishing
  • White – Fine Polishing

Available in pack of 5.  Other sizes available on request.

Part no.Description

Hand Cleaning Pads

Part no.Size:Description
HPG22cmx16cmx6mmHand Pad Green thin line
MHPMediumMini Hand Pad thick line
ECLargeEdge Cleaner (excl. Handle)
HSHExtra LargeHand Scrubber Holder
APExtra LargeAbrasive Pads (all colors) or Doodle Bug Pads

Galvanised Bucket and Wringer

A 28L galvanised mop bucket on castors with metal mop wringer.

Part no.Description
GMB28L Galvanised Mop Bucket
MMWMetal Mop Wringer

Double Trolley and Wringer

Double trolley on castors with 2 X 25L plastic buckets and plastic mop wringer.

Part no.Description
DTBDouble Trolley with 2 X 25L buckets
PMWPlastic Mop Wringer

Plastic Bucket and Wringer

30L plastic bucket on castors with plastic mop wringer.

Part no.Description
SPB30L Plastic Bucket
PMWPlastic Mop Wringer

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Mutton Cloth

The excellent quality of Mason Manufacturing mutton cloth is known for it’s softness, absorbency and wet strength.


As a registered Service Provider for COVID-19 Hygiene Products, we manufacture Personal Protective Equipment.