Polishing Pads

Polishing Bonnets

Tie-on polishing bonnets are available in wool, wool blend and 1st grade sheepskin. They are used for a final finish polish on surfaces previously prepared with rubbing compound.

Size Wool Blend Part No. Wool Part No. Sheepskin Part No.
4” (100mm) WBB4 WPB4 SSB4
5” (130mm) WBB5 WPB4 SSB5
6” (150mm) WBB6 WPB5 SSB6
7” (180mm) WBB7 WPB6 SSB7
8” (200mm) WBB8 WPB7 SSB8
9” (230mm) WBB9 WPB8 SSB9
10” (250mm) WBB10 WPB9 SSB10

Tufted Polishing Bonnets (tie-on)

This exclusive wool tufted tie-on bonnet has a denser and deeper pile than the normal tie-on polishing bonnet. It provides a scratch-free, superior standard of buffing and is fully washable and re-useable. Recommended for the specialist requiring a high quality finish. Made exclusively in our factory, this tufted tie-on bonnet is made from thick, twisted lambswool.

Part no. Size
WTB7 7” (180mm)
WTB8 8” (200mm)
WTB9 9” (230mm)

Velcro Pad

Furpile pad with velcro underside which secures onto velcro back-up pad. Used for final finish polishing.

Part no. Size
VSF3 3”(75mm)
VSF4 4”(100mm)
VSF5 5”(125mm)
VSF6 6”(150mm)
VSF7 7”(175mm)
VSF8 8”(200mm)
VSF9 9”(230mm)

Support Pad (160mm for 8″Bonnets)

For tie-on wool and tufted bonnets. This neoprene support pad is the ultimate support pad for polishing and compounding.

Part no.
SP4 M14 (Red)
SP5/8 BSW 5/8 (Blue)

Tufted Woolbuff (double-sided)

This tufted double-sided Woolbuff is made from thick, twisted lambswool and is made exclusively in our factory. The reversible Woolbuff is designed to give twice the usable surface area of the single-sided polishing bonnet and will stand up to the toughest compound and polishing jobs. The Woolbuff is fully washable or use the polishing bonnet cleaning tool for quick cleaning without having to wash and dry separately. The Woolbuff centre is 5/8” BSW threaded. Polishing machines with a M14 thread must use a M14 x 5/8” adaptor. M16 x 5/8” adaptor: for polishing machines with a M16 thread 5/8” x 5/8” adaptor: for polishing machines with a 5/8” thread

Woolbuff Part no.
Woolbuff Adaptor
Woolbuff Adaptor Part no.
225mm WBDS225 M14 x 5/8” WBAM14x5/8
175mm WBDS175 M16 x 5/8” WBAM16x5/8
5/8”  x 5/8” WBA5/8×5/8
M16 x M14 WBAM16xM14

Polishing Bonnet Cleaning Tool

For quick cleaning and fluffing of polishing bonnets and double-sided Woolbuff. Spin buff/bonnet whilst secured to machine and dress the cleaning tool across the rotating buff. Removes glazed surface and loosens packed wool to prolong life. The buff/bonnet will be ready to continue polishing without having to wash and dry separately.

Part no.
PBCT Polish Bonnet Cleaning Tool

Foam Compound Pads

Superior Dense Sponge Pads White firm sponge – for polishing/compounding 2-pack part system Red soft sponge – for high glaze final polish

  • Hard backing disc with 5/8 or M14 metal thread
  • Maximum RPM 2.500
  • Optimum running speed 1.800RPM
Excellent results with all leading makes of compound and polish.
Size Part no. Sponge Back-up Pad
150 x 50-M14 FP14 White Red (M14)
150 x 50-5/8 FP5/8 White Blue(5/8)
150 x 50-M14 FP-R-14 Red Red (M14)
150 x 50-5/8 FP-R-5/8 Red Blue(5/8)

Ryobi Sander / Polisher

Rated for continuos production use on the heaviest sanding and polishing applications.

  • Spindle Lock
  • Electronic constant torque control with feedback module ensures stress free fine polishing operation.
  • High power 1270W motor.
  • Slim housing for handling with ease.
  • Aluminium die casting gear case ensures extra durability.
  • External carbon brush enables easy carbon brush change.
  • Standard accessories: sanding pad, woolen bonnet, sanding discs, spanner, auxiliary handle


  • Input watts – 1270w
  • Pad size – 180mm
  • No load speed – 0-3,400r/min
  • Guarantee – 2 years.
Part no. Description
SPE 1810 Sander/Polisher

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Mutton Cloth

100% natural cotton mutton cloth for general purpose cleaning and for packaging of fish and meat.


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