Mutton Cloth

Mutton Cloth

For over 27 years we have been Proudly South African Mutton Cloth manufacturers and suppliers in Cape Town. Our mutton cloth is made from 100% natural cotton and is known for its excellent quality, softness, absorbency and wet strength Mutton Cloth, also known as stockinette, is used for general cleaning, washing, polishing and paint techniques in:-

  • homes
  • workshops
  • garages
  • panel shops and
  • printing works


Our mutton cloth stretches to double its width and is used in the:-

  • Fishing Industry – for wrapping and storing fresh tuna on board
  • Meat Industry – for wrapping and storing meat carcasses for abattoirs and meat exporters


Mutton Cloth allows the meat or fish to breath and maintains the right amount of moisture for longer and safer preservation 30-40cm width available in:

  • 400g and 500g rolls
  • 1 kg rolls
  • 15kg un-cut rolls
Mutton cloth circular machines

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Mutton Cloth

The excellent quality of Mason Manufacturing mutton cloth is known for it’s softness, absorbency and wet strength.


As a registered Service Provider for COVID-19 Hygiene Products, we manufacture Personal Protective Equipment.