Window Cleaning

Window Washer Sleeve

Part no. Description
WS35 35cm
WS45 45cm

Window Washer Frame – T-Bar

Part no. Description
WF35 35cm
WF45 45cm


Part no. Size Description
SCS35 35cm Steel Squeegee with Rubber
CR35 35cm Channel & Rubber
PH95 95cm Pro Handle
RR71 71cm Replacement Rubber
RR91 91cm Replacement Rubber
SCP35 35cm Plastic Squeegee with Rubber


Part no. Size Description
AL22 22 x 1.2 Aluminium Handle
WH1.2 25 x 1.2 Wooden Handle
WH1.5 25 x 1.5 Wooden Handle
PCH1.2 25 x 1.2 Plastic Coated Handle
PCH1.5 25 x 1.5 Plastic Coated Handle
TP2X2 2 x 2 Window Telepole

Mutton Cloth

The excellent quality of Mason Manufacturing mutton cloth is known for it’s softness, absorbency and wet strength. Mutton cloth, also known as stockinette, is used for general cleaning, washing, polishing and paint techniquing in:- homes, workshops, garages, panel shops, printing works and in the fishing industry for tuna fish wrapping on the boats. Available in:- 100g, 150g, 200g, 400g and 500g rolls. Individually wrapped and bar-coded on request. Off-Cuts and 15kg un-cut rolls also available.

Part no.
100g roll
200g roll
400g roll
500g roll
15kg un-cut rolls
Off Cuts


Cleans and dries without streaking. Always stays soft. For best results, pre-wash and always store in a damp condition. Not affected by detergents or hot water. Synthetic Chamois: A non-leather chamois that performs like a genuine chamois. Available in plastic container. Genuine Chamois: Excellent quality chamois. Available in sealed plastic bag.

Part no.
Cham S
Synthetic (30cm x 40cm)
Cham G
Genuine (30cm x 37cm)

Chamsponge – Perforated synthetic chamois with sponge inner

Ideal for cleaning and drying of all smooth surfaces. eg. (ceramic tiles, windscreens, windows, mirrors, chrome, paintwork)

Part no.
CS 160

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Mutton Cloth

100% natural cotton mutton cloth for general purpose cleaning and for packaging of fish and meat.


As a registered Service Provider for COVID-19 Hygiene Products, we manufacture Personal Protective Equipment.