Polishing Pads

Polishing Bonnets, Tufted Polishing Bonnets (tie-on), Velcro Pads, Support Pads, Tufted Woolbuffs, Polishing Bonnet Cleaning Tool and Foam Compound Pads.

Protective Gear

WSpraypainter Overalls, Nylon Overalls, Nylon 2 Piece Spraysuits, Polycarb Overalls, Tyvek Overalls, Light Weight Overalls, Spraypainter Aprons, Spraypainter Shoe Protectors, and Spraypainter Hoods.


Fender Protector Covers, Mechanic Front Seat Covers, Mechanic Rear Seat Covers, Spraypainter Steeringwheel Covers, Gear Lever Protector Covers, Car Covers, Spray-painting wheel covers and Protective Mechanic Floor Mats.


Mutton Cloth, Chamois, Chamsponge, Towelsponge, Wool Mitts, Engine Cleaner, Hand Cleaner, Dash It, Wash ‘n Wax and Magi-Kleen.